The purpose of this page is to list the tools I am currently using. These used to be provided/chosen for me by my old company. Now I have to setup my own which is kind of fun as I’m getting to research what’s out there.

Italic tools are possible ones to use.

Product/Project Roadmap Management

Office / Google


Task Management


Personal Development Planning


Continuous Integration

Webpage Customisation


Online Compiler

Source Control

Wireframe Mockups For UIs

Visio Replacement

Accounting For Small Businesses

Cloud-Based Load testing

Apple Mobile Language

  • Swift

Facebook SDK for Apple’s Swift for ioS

Cloud Based CRM

Business Intelligence

  • Domo
  • SalesForce
  • Yurbi – not for cloud small business but big on helpful advice about BI

Tool Reviews

Parked Notes:

8 Helpful Online Tools To Keep Your Company On Track

Collaboration tools

  • Zoom
  • Discource



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