Making the most of LinkedIn

Making the most of LinkedIn

I attended a course on making the most of LinkedIn the other day. Here are the main points that I noted down:

  • Turn Off Update Notifications to your network when making updates you don’t want to share TurnOffUpdates
  • Create a custom short url to link to your profile

    You can set up a Public Profile URL by clicking the gear underneath your profile.

  • Use the public profile URL in your Email Signature.
  • The Profile Description should advertise What You Are. Think of covering these 3 points at least in the 120 chars: Job Title, Key Skill, Strength.
  • The Location can be anywhere. It’s better to highlight where you work/want to work rather than where you live. You can put in any postcode.
  • The Ranking you have influences how high up you list on searches so improve it by doing things like filling in as many sections as possible and making updates.Ranking
  • Ask people to write Recommendations for you. These are basically short personal references.
  • Join Groups and join in Discussions.
  • Blog some interesting updates.
  • Follow Companies you are interested in.
  • Get Endorsements from people. Move endorsed skills higher up the list.
  • Add Interests but the Key Words should match your Profile and Skills/Endorsements .
  • Make sure Key Words are Consistent across your:
    • CV
    • Skills / Endorsements
    • Profile Summary
    • Interests
  • Use a Word Cloud generator to analyse a bunch of Job Descriptions to check your Key Words match what you want to apply for. This one uses WordItOut but there are others. This example is just using the text from one description.worditout
  • Add old/other Email Addresses. These help people find you if they only have an old email address, e.g. at an old company.
  • Fill in Advice for Contacting to describe what you are looking for.
  • If you don’t know someone, consider calling a new contact request first before accepting.
  • The advanced Search in LinkedIn can be used to find things like, the locations of IT departments
  • Have a Smiley Picture 🙂

The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability

Quote of the day comes from this New Scientist article:

” The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability”

The 2nd interesting suggestion on my Adult Directions_ My Careers list was the hilariously original:

Software Developer

There’s just no fighting it I guess so I started exploring the resources suggested with it, the first of which was BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT.

For the classically trained this is probably no surprise but for those of us that stumbled into IT it offers a HUGE AMOUNT of career based info.  It’s prompted me to kick off a whole page on Personal Development and Career Planning, as well as these notes:

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Week 3, Day 1 : Happy Anniversary Again

Hmm, so I’ve discovered that you start a blog and then one week later, stop. Is that normal? I guess it is. I’ve been a bit busy with life which I suppose is a good thing. Life including my daughter’s birthday, a family party for that, my niece’s birthday, a family party for that, my Wife and other daughter going away to Barcelona for the weekend, a Bank Holiday, a trip to London for a Doctor’s appointment. Stuff like that. And also to be honest a bit of a rebound from the initial enthusiasm about losing my job. Yes, a bit of grumpiness, anger and ‘I cannot be arsed now’ with this finding a job/career/next step thing.

So where did I get? Well, the main thing is that almost immediately after the last post, a career advisor, John, from Penna got in touch with me and we met up at the end of last week. That was a good 2-hour wide-ranging get-to-know-you talk-about-finding-a-job session. It generated lots of notes, that I’ve been too scared to go back to, which I will blog about in due course.

Plus the nice HR lady sent me a bunch of feedback ( and praise ) on my CV so I spent some time producing some more versions.

  • Kick off meeting with Career Consultant
  • 1:1 Consultancy End Date will be July 29th so USE IT OR LOSE IT
  • Produced 2 more CV versions with HR feedback and Personal Statement

The article of the day is the rise of the middle-aged intern which mentions that Goldman Sachs, MetLife, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Barclays now have internship programmes for older workers. Not sure I want to be an intern but some of the qualities of more experienced workers resonate with me like ‘resilient and adaptable’ and ‘sounding board and a mentor’.