Study that works around you and your life

Study that works around you and your life

Open University

Sticking with Software Developer from the Adult Directions_ My Careers list, the next interesting link was to the Open University which offers a WIDE range of Undergraduate computing courses  and Postgraduate computing courses. In IT, I feel I definitely want to improve and probably formalise my programming skills. I’m certain I don’t want to do this by going back to University and I’m almost certain I don’t want to study full time. In this context, the OU has an appeal as their courses offer Study that works around you and your life. I also like the idea of doing shorter rather than longer courses. However, the various courses, paths, and entry requirements are a bit of a maze so I would need to get some advice.


If I study I want it to tick these boxes:

  • Study from home
  • Study part-time
  • Study short courses, i.e. not degrees in one go

Plan UK

Another good development today is that I am now supporting Plan again! Remember I mentioned that I cancelled ALL my direct debits on R-day. Including all my charities 😦 Well, it didn’t take me long to regret that knee jerk reaction. The good news is Plan has now reinstated my direct debit and I asked them quick enough so I’m still sponsoring my  little’pen-pal’ John Mike in Uganda, who I’ve been sponsoring for the last 5 years.


The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability

Quote of the day comes from this New Scientist article:

” The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability”

The 2nd interesting suggestion on my Adult Directions_ My Careers list was the hilariously original:

Software Developer

There’s just no fighting it I guess so I started exploring the resources suggested with it, the first of which was BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT.

For the classically trained this is probably no surprise but for those of us that stumbled into IT it offers a HUGE AMOUNT of career based info.  It’s prompted me to kick off a whole page on Personal Development and Career Planning, as well as these notes:

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And your selected career is …. Software Developer

The plan today was to work on Plan B  so I headed over to Adult Directions to see what careers it threw up. Based on my answers to 45 Skills and 117 Likes and Dislikes, it decided I should be a …. Software Developer! SHOCK. Ok so there were some other suggestions:

Out of these, some did throw up some useful links to Job Sites. This is the first:

Analytical Scientist