Task/Project Management

Task/Project Management

The purpose of this page is to capture notes about task and project management and planning.

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The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability

Quote of the day comes from this New Scientist article:

” The best way to impress an interviewer is with technical ability”

The 2nd interesting suggestion on my Adult Directions_ My Careers list was the hilariously original:

Software Developer

There’s just no fighting it I guess so I started exploring the resources suggested with it, the first of which was BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT.

For the classically trained this is probably no surprise but for those of us that stumbled into IT it offers a HUGE AMOUNT of career based info.  It’s prompted me to kick off a whole page on Personal Development and Career Planning, as well as these notes:

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Finding a job is a full time job

Had various friends offer help in various ways which is awesome of them. One of them was also made redundant in Jan. He ‘was’ looking for a May start but is actually about to start his 2nd new job as he was offered something almost immediately when he started networking. His tips are:

  1. If you want a break, take it and don’t apply for things as when you get an offer it’s hard to decline.
  2. When you decide to look, network first with your contact base of ex-colleagues and any clients.
  3. Try agencies

Good advice I think.

I have been working on putting together my own app toolset to replace my corporate based ones. I’m currently trialling:

  • Kanbanchi – work/career – Kanban based task board integrated with Google Drive and Calendar.
  • Habitica – personal tasks/goals – gamification of tasks and to-do lists.
  • ProjectTimer – taskbar app for tracking time spent on projects, e.g. Job Search vs IT skills vs Tools Setup

In conjunction with this I’ve also been writing some notes on task management and planning. Quote of the day is:

“Plan to spend about 30 hours a week on activities directly related to your job search.”

Hence the focus on project planning as I intend to spend time on coding/IT skills as well as Job Search.

p.s. decided to ditch the day count 🙂