With my new found spare time I have been doing more of the shopping. We have a liking for posh mint tea.mint tea

Hmm, it’s good but there are only 12 tea bags in this packet, it costs £3.50, and we have mint in the garden. Got me thinking about giving it a go. (Note to self: herbs are also on the list of things to add to the dogs raw diet).

Growing mint:

  • Anywhere, prefers light shade
  • Remove flowers or cut to ground when flowering to get new growth.
  • Stagger cutting to maintain mint supply.
  • Pot up for winter growing.
  • Good for butterflies

Here are my steps to make-your-own-mint-tea.

Fresh Mint Tea

  • Pick leaves
  • Put leaves in teapot, add boiled water and muddle (bruise)
  • Steep
  • Pour and strain if necessary

Ta-dah! Amazing how attractive fresh mint tea looks in front of a bunch of flowers. Tasted quite nice too.


Dried Mint Tea

  • Gather mint stems
  • Rinse mint
  • Shake/pat off excess water
  • Tie into bundles
  • Hang up
  • Dry over several months until dry and crumbly
  • Crumble into storage container
  • Make cup of tea with 1 tsp dried mint

Here’s a small-scale experiment in progress:



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