After looking at UK National Insurance, the last thing to rule out is Jobseeker’s Allowance. This seems pretty straight forward. You need to:

  1. Check you’re eligible.
  2. Make a claim and go to an interview at your local Jobcentre Plus office.
  3. Keep to your agreement to look for work.

How hard can it be?…


You can “use a benefits calculator to check if you can get JSA”.

Well, according to Turn2Us, I may actually be eligible for:

I’m not sure I really believe this due to the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge which must cancel it out:

“The tax charge is 1% of the Child Benefit received for every £100 that your individual income is over £50,000.”

But then it advises:

“You can choose not to get Child Benefit payments, but you should still fill in the Child Benefit claim form. This will help you get National Insurance credits which count towards your State Pension.”

ARGGGHHH! Not this again. What the hell. I’m just going to send off the freakin form.

I’m also not sure I’m really eligible for this either but my online application form was accepted even after I said how much savings I had. The next step should be to be invited to an interview to which I need to take:

  • Two forms of identification for you, such as driving licence, passport, mortgage or rental agreement.
  • You and/or your partner’s P45.
  • For payments (other than wages) that you have received or expect to receive because a job ended in the last 12 months: proof of payment/entitlement and any papers that say what the payment is for.
  • Evidence that you have created a profile and public CV in Universal Jobmatch which you can then use @

I haven’t been given a P45 yet and, 2 month’s in, I also haven’t received any redundancy money but I am expecting some which I assume is what the last point is about. There seems to be a bit of a contradiction between the advice that tells you to get on with applying for these things straight away and the fact that separating from a company seems to take a long time.

Other things one might be eligible for are listed here.

In reality, I am not in desperate need of support from the state yet but there are definitely people who are. Having dipped my toe in the system I can’t help thinking it’s a confusing and totally time-wasting setup. There’s been a lot of press recently about the disruption of the job market by technology and automation, and the mass extinction of jobs this century, coupled with proposals of replacing all benefits and credits and income related rules with a global universal basic income. I’m beginning to think that would be a great idea.



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