Personal Competencies

There are a tonne of resources under the Penna Sunrise program. I intend to work through this although the total estimate of the time required seems large to me. We’ll see. Currently, I’m on the tools they have to identify Skills & Achievements. I’ve just done the Personal Competencies test which gave the Results below.

To use the results, one should:

  • Bring out Strong Competencies in CV and Interview
  • Reflect on how to turn important and weak competencies into strengths

The importance was based on my past job. I think it would be useful to review this list based on the job I apply for when targeting CVs/prepping for interviews as the importance may be different depending on the role.

Important and strong competencies Important and weak competencies
Computer Literacy
Good Business Knowledge and Understanding
Interpersonal Skills
Investigative Abilities
Problem Solving – Resolving Issues
Resolving Customer and Client Enquiries
System Design, Testing and Installation
Team Player
Technical Expertise


Less important amd strong competencies Less important and weak competencies
Analytical Skills
Building Good Relationships with Line Management / Other Colleagues
Customer Focussed
Experience of and / or Managing Organisational Change
Persistence and Determination
Prioritising Balance of Urgent and Important
Small Team Management
Thorough Knowledge of Products
Verbal Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Process Design and Innovation
Recruiting and Building Teams
Relationship Building
Time Management
Working to Deadlines


Unimportant and strong competencies Unimportant and weak competencies
Appreciation of Wider Implications of Actions
Rapid Appreciation of New Individuals
Academic Achievement
Account and Relationship Management
Administrative Ability
Creative or Lateral Thinking
Influencing People
Information Presentation and Report Writing
Innovation – Successfully Identifying and Exploiting New Opportunities
Managing Non-direct Reports
Motivation / Coaching Staff and Teams
Negotiating Skills
Networking – Building Contacts
Numeracy / Statistical Ability
Organisation and Planning
Presentation Skills
Project Management
Supervisory Skills
Management Reporting
Rapid Appreciation of New Situations
Language Skills
Business Development (Sales and Marketing) Skills
Cultural Awareness and Understanding
Event/Conference Management
Managing Large Numbers of Staff
Relocating offices and Premises
Succession Planning

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