When I met my career advisor, we did an exercise with cards of job characteristics. I thought this would be helpful in defining the general specification of what I want from work. The exercise is to place cards in columns from Very Important to Not Important. However, you can then move them into just 2 columns to make it more black and white.


  • Short travel distance to work (< 1hr). Or WFH AT LEAST 2 days a week.
    • 2 days at home would allow 4 work outs a week and a dog run every other day
  • Being able to balance work and home life
  • Being independent and making my own decisions but also having someone for support
  • Being given the opportunity to develop my skills
  • Demonstrating expertise and skills
  • Doing a variety of things. Being creative and generating ideas.
  • Being independent
  • Being respected for honesty and integrity
  • Doing exact and detailed work
  • Not being away from home alot
  • Being able to work at own pace
  • Stretch and challenge in my role
  • Flexibility both ways
  • Not being put under a lot of personal pressure
  • Not micro managed
  • Clear rules for development/role

Not Important

  • Having a secure and regular income
  • Earning the same amount of money that I did
  • Managing people or projects
  • Seniority, e.g. being a V.P.
  • Working as a specialist rather than a generalist
  • Working on complex and difficult problems
  • Friendships at work if this means not liking working alone
  • Following a routine
  • Being part of a highly effective team
  • Contact with people as part of my role
  • Helping others at work

The points about people and teams are things I have liked about my past work but if I was forced to choose I would rather WFH.


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