I’m LinkedIn – a bit

The plan today was to set up some kind of profile on LinkedIn. I’m attending a course on making the most of this later in the month so I wanted to have set up the basics. There are some recruitment consultants and acquaintances I could connect with but I’m holding off for the moment until I’ve decided on what my pitch is.

The first thing I came across on LinkedIn was a job advert from my friend’s startup called Attest which is building a new market research platform. This led me off on a tangent down the Plan B route where I discovered 2 websites:

The first has job adverts of the paid and unpaid variety but both are pushing pay-for-advice on alternative careers. You can really spend a lot of money on these types of courses!

At the budget end of the market, it did throw up some interesting books to add to the reading list:

These have gone on the Plan B to-do list. I’ve set up 2 boards on Kanbanchi for my 2 themes:

Back to LinkedIn, I set up a basic profile. Here are a few points which I decided on whilst doing so:

  • Turn off profile update notifications to your network
  • Create a custom url – suggested by a friend before I turned off the notifications 😉
  • Added ALL the skills from the CV – I shall whittle them down to the one’s the network ultimately ENDORSE. I think that’s most interesting.


  • Added 10 more recruitment consultant contacts from a friend to my Contacts Spreadsheet – I’ve helped said friend get 3 jobs. THAT’S NETWORKING BABY!

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