Week 3, Day 1 : Happy Anniversary Again

Hmm, so I’ve discovered that you start a blog and then one week later, stop. Is that normal? I guess it is. I’ve been a bit busy with life which I suppose is a good thing. Life including my daughter’s birthday, a family party for that, my niece’s birthday, a family party for that, my Wife and other daughter going away to Barcelona for the weekend, a Bank Holiday, a trip to London for a Doctor’s appointment. Stuff like that. And also to be honest a bit of a rebound from the initial enthusiasm about losing my job. Yes, a bit of grumpiness, anger and ‘I cannot be arsed now’ with this finding a job/career/next step thing.

So where did I get? Well, the main thing is that almost immediately after the last post, a career advisor, John, from Penna got in touch with me and we met up at the end of last week. That was a good 2-hour wide-ranging get-to-know-you talk-about-finding-a-job session. It generated lots of notes, that I’ve been too scared to go back to, which I will blog about in due course.

Plus the nice HR lady sent me a bunch of feedback ( and praise ) on my CV so I spent some time producing some more versions.

  • Kick off meeting with Career Consultant
  • 1:1 Consultancy End Date will be July 29th so USE IT OR LOSE IT
  • Produced 2 more CV versions with HR feedback and Personal Statement

The article of the day is the rise of the middle-aged intern which mentions that Goldman Sachs, MetLife, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Barclays now have internship programmes for older workers. Not sure I want to be an intern but some of the qualities of more experienced workers resonate with me like ‘resilient and adaptable’ and ‘sounding board and a mentor’.


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