Week 2, Day 1 : Happy Anniversary

I’ve been discovering in recent months,  Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. This quote I’ve stumbled upon is especially thought-provoking at the moment:

“The common experience is that man fits himself as well as he can to the customary details of that work or trade he falls into, and tends it as a dog turns a spit. Then is he part of the machine he moves; the man is lost. Until he can manage to communicate himself to others in his full stature and proportion, he does not yet find his vocation.”

Have I found my true vocation? That’s what I’ve got to find out. And so one week in, Happy Anniversary to me!, I have an appointment to find out about the service that Penna offers. And yes I am lucky to get access to a service like this as part of my redundancy package. A lot of people don’t.

It turns out to be a good meeting. The expectations I had turned out to pretty accurate. The nice lady I spoke to says she we pair me up with a career advisor for some 1:1 help. She’s a good listener and has some good advice straight off. It also feels good to be out having meetings with new people.

I have two themes in my head at the moment. One is a blue sky, step back, consider all options approach. The other is more practical and centres around planning what I need to find a job in a similar role and probably field.

She advises focusing on the planning and allowing myself some time to think about options so I don’t rush into work and leave myself with a nagging feeling that I should have taken the chance to work through it whilst I had the opportunity. I agree with her. I also asked whether I should dive into networking for a) practice and b) information gathering. She advises to work on the list of possible contacts and to hold off until I have planned what I want to get out of those conversations ( besides catching up with some old friends as well of course ). I think she is right here also.


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