Day 6: If yesterday was about writing, today is about reading

If yesterday was about writing, today is about reading. Again, plotting your next step is a little daunting and you can get easily distracted by other things like reading interesting articles about Amazon Web Services. One of my friends who has started his own company, now there’s an idea, thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread.

There’s also good news. Dr. M has pulled it out of the bag and managed to fit me in before the health insurance runs out and my face rots off. The HR lady had offered to look into whether they could extend the insurance a day or two which was very nice of her but this is a weight off. Plus the penny dropped the over the weekend that Dr. M and I have a mutual friend so that will be something to talk about when we catch up.

  • Emailed CV to HR, Requested Jira list and tech cheat sheet
  • Emailed CV to outplacement Firm. Planned travel to meeting tomorrow
  • Read article of the day how-to-get-your-interview-meeting and added notes to MindMap
  • Read through LifeWorks article on  ‘Getting Going on Your Job Search’
  • Made notes on:
    • ‘Identifying your skills and goals’
    • ‘Networking’
    • ‘Job Adverts’
  • Added my own review comments to my CV in Google docs.
  • Reviewed open roles sent by HR. Checked skills on interesting ones.
  • Had a serious think about working abroad.

So the last bullet was an interesting one.  A review of global IT jobs that HR sent me confirms what I knew already, all the interesting IT jobs are not in New York, London or Hong Kong, but Budapest (BP). Conceptually there is nothing stopping me applying for these jobs. Likewise, if I was to go after a similar job at the same Firm it would have to be in BP. Ironically there was even a role in the same somewhat niche business process I specialised in, although in a different division. Can’t say I’m not interested.

Big step? What a great excuse for an awfully big adventure. I was lucky enough to move to New Zealand  when I was seven. It was a great experience in my life. Jeez, I practically owe it to my kids to drag them to another country! Learn the Hungarian language, live in a vibrant beautiful city, rent out your house back home, have an adventure. It’s sounding like a great idea. A quick scan show’s schools and further education are covered. Plus I’ve been working with people in Budapest day to day for the last two years, and on and off for 4 or more? The reason Firms operate in Hungary is that it has a good education system and churns out lots of 1st class computer scientists. This is definitely something to THINK ABOUT.

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