Day 4: Now I’m an archetypal cliche I might as well start a blog

I’m slightly conscious I am a bit of cliche. 40-year-old ‘career lifer’ who’s fallen short of early retirement but with zero experience of doing anything else. With the kids and the mortgage. Hell, we even got asked to be in a National Trust photo shoot the other day we’re so blinking model family. I have in fact also already started my mid life crisis. My Wife brought me a body building book last year and I’ve become quite addicted to it. I’m probably only one spliff away from going full Lester Burnham.

With that in mind, I thought I’d try blogging. Not done it before. Never kept a journal. Losing your job is about as clear a line in the sand as you can get. So if you are going to record something you might as well record the next steps in figuring out what to do after that. So here it is. My first blog brought bang up-to-date on Day 4.

  • Reviewed CV making notes from HR meeting and looked at the CV builder on the Penna site

Decided actually writing up a CV was ‘work’ and thus, should be done on a Monday rather than the ‘day of rest’. Plus a blog offers a splendid outlet for procrastination. Hmm, I wonder if I can monetize it with adverts, links and publishing deals when it takes off … best not to put any hope on that one.


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