Day 3 : What can I do with a 6 figure life insurance policy?

It occurred to me yesterday as I was cycling to the train station that for 26 days I still had a 6 figure life insurance policy. That would set the family up nicely and save the pain and no doubt modicum of humiliation of finding work again. Plus it would offer the challenge for a bit of devising a bulletproof plan for obtaining it. Dumped that idea in the crazy bucket. However will need to get my own cover.

I have exchanged some emails with my besties at work including my boss. Glad I did this as nice things have been said all round. It would be very tempting to just drop off the face of the earth but a decent goodbye mail gives a bit of closure I think. I’m distinctly worried about how they will cope in the next few weeks and have offered up a few suggestions of whom should pick up my various roles. There that’s done. I shall put it out of my mind now and wait for the phone call to start up negotiations about a decent consulting rate. Not going to pin any hopes on that one though.

Have confirmed that I could transfer my pension fund(s) to another pension vehicle if I wanted to. I won’t be in the short term. I can’t pay into it but I have no plans to until I have another income. Plus I have been downright virtuous in topping it up since I started work. Best decision I’ve made I reckon. It’s not made a lot of money but then neither has my Wife ( ok, or me) spent it so it has built up.


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