Day 0 : R-Day

So I get the call to come to Room 3C not long after 9 whilst working at home. That threw them a bit but they bravely ploughed on. Bless them. Managed to ping off a cheerio mail to my team and my main client. 29 mins later the Blackberry is scrubbing itself and remote access has gone. It’s brutally efficient but standard stuff.

However it’s an absolutely stunning Spring day so the Wife and I decide to head straight out with our 3 Golden Retrievers for a long walk in the woods. Walk and talk. This was a good idea. 2 coffee stops later we head back for the First Pub Lunch Of The Year in the lovely garden of our local. The resolution to not drink crumbles immediately in the face of real ale and sunshine. Today is a great day to get fired 🙂

Part of me wants to go out and get wrecked as I am in a very good mood. I can think of some people who would qualify for a pass to chaperone me on this momentous day! However after launching myself into some mowing I decide I don’t. I am gripped by the need to DO SOMETHING.

  • Cancelled ALL non essential direct debits
  • Built a mind map

Next Steps 1




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